Picking your wedding colour palette..

As a wedding photographer I have always loved looking through magazines and at websites for inspiration, looking at trends and what people are choosing for their big day, selecting a colour theme can be tricky but a good place to start..

Things to think about when choosing a colour palette for your wedding:

1. Season: what time of year is you’re big day? darker rustic colour work well in autumn and winter, colours like ‘winter lilac’ as pictured below are perfect for the colder months and perfect mixed with lots of candles and foliage.

2.Location: Where are you getting married? some colours work better for example outside, if you were planning you’re big day outside then picking a colour that compliments your surroundings is key, I like earthly neutral tones as pictured, equally if your venue has a particular decor then having a colour palette and theme that ties in will give the styling of your wedding more flow and co-ordination.


3. Get inspired: when trying to select a colour theme for your wedding why not pull inspiration from your bouquet flowers or from your dress or shoes.. Its important that you pick a colour that is going to work in all aspects, flowers, table settings, bridesmaids etc, so starting with flowers is a good place to begin.

4: Matchy Matchy: Be careful to not have too much of one colour, for example if you use silver teal (pictured right) mix in lots of silver vases and candle holders, glass, slate and wood on the tables as well as lots of contrasting foliage, maybe with a hint of blush pink.

One of the most noticeable changes in wedding style for me as previously noted in my Italian table-scape post, is the move from bright and bold 10310112_628965537203589_6904837457014188351_nto a much softer and earthy look.

All of the tones I have selected here are very easy to incorporate with other accents, once you have chosen a colour you love its great to look at the shades in its palette, sometimes using two shades of the same colour works really well.

As well as being a little addicted to Pintrest and posting on my social media sites I will be adding inspiration here in the Journal, alternatively click the wedding inspiration category below to see all related posts..

As usual please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments below..

Happy planning!



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