About JSP


Where it all began…

I started my photographic journey whilst working for three of the photography industries leading national magazines. Here I found my passion, through my journalistic journey with the publications I discovered I had a natural flair and love for photography. I then decided I would get out from behind the desk and put my knowledge and enthusiasm to work, and I’m sure drove those nearest and dearest to me totally mad in the process, snapping anything and everything in my path.

Weddings are now where my heart lies with in the world of photography, it’s such a great privilege to be part of a couples magical day. I try not to follow any preconceived ideas of what wedding images ‘should’ look like and steer away from the expected shots, and aim to capture natural fleeting moments in a way that feels natural.

I think it is really important for couples to feel at ease with their photographer, as we are present on the biggest day of your life, it is important for me to blend in and make sure I have captured all the images discussed and needed without it feeling too structured or forced. I often work with my assistant on weddings and she too follows these ethics.

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